Want to own and operate your own restaurant and think it is out of reach?
Think Again! 

Contact John Irmscher today at 419-305-4122 or john@imsoffice.com.


You simply need a successful and talented team to partner with…Irmscher Management Services is family owned
and has operated restaurant facilities in west-central Ohio for more than 40 years, including a federally inspected food
processing plant! Our territory includes two-thirds of Western Ohio & Eastern Indiana. It is our goal to develop a longterm
relationship with new owners/operators, assisting in management, accounting, and consultation, on a fee basis.
In addition, purchasing real estate now is at an all-time low, and we can provide advice on leasing or purchasing.


The Ohio restaurant industry has benefitted from John Irmscher's hard work for over 60 years!  Orpaned at the age of 13 and needing to earn money for room and board, John started as a carhop in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and worked his way up through the industry, holding just about every positioin that was available to him.  John convinced Guy Schieb to expand his Happy Humpty Restaurant and was quickly promoted to District Operations Manager with duties that included opening new restaurants, securing real estate locations, kitchen design and store operations.  At the age of 20, John purchased a half-interest in the St. Mary's location.  Also during this time, John furthered his education through attendance at Indiana University, studying accounting, economics, and business law.  

After a merger that didn't share John and Guy's philosophies, John moved on from Happy Humpty and co-founded Empire Family Restaurants with partner, Ed McGilvary.  From their initial ownership investment, they grew into a partnership that employed over 750 people, operating 10 locations throughout western Ohio.  In addition, they owned a food processing plant that supplied soups to grocery stores and food distributors in 5 states and employed an additional 40 people.  They created a joint marketing venture with Dinner Bell Foods and sold that to a division of Nestle Foods.

Not ready to join his partner in retirement, John opened CJ's HighMarks and continued his work on many committees, chambers and associations, including the ORA.

Even after a career of over 60 years in restaurants, John's not stopping here.  His latest venture involves real estate and restaurant development and encouraging others to invest in his vision of hard work and great rewards.  His new "Own Your Own Program" assists interested would-be restauranteurs in finding a desirable location, navigating finance options, creating a personalized building design and menu, then helping with training and opening, and finally, offering the new owner with ongoing operational advice and accounting services including accounts payable, inventory, payroll, statements, and marketing strategy...all for a significantly lower fee than normal franchises offer!

John is proof of what we like to say about the restaurant industry-it's one of the few industries left where you can start on the ground floor and work you way to the very top.  

Ohio works here!  And John Irfmscher is a great example!

-The Ohio Restaurant Association